At the May 28th council meeting, a motion was passed to officially partner with BIRCH:

“That Council partner with Bowen Island Resilient Community Housing (BIRCH) for the development of an affordable housing project on Community Lands;

That Council agrees, in principle, that up-to 0.5-hectare portion of Lot 2 or Lot 3 of the Community Lands be allocated for an affordable housing project with BIRCH;

That Council direct staff to support BIRCH in meeting with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, BC Housing and other organizations to secure grant funding to conduct feasibility studies for an affordable housing project; and

That Council request staff and BIRCH to report back with the results of feasibility studies of the affordable housing project.


We are thrilled to be partnering with the municipality for this important project and thank Mayor and Council for their support and trust.

Our next steps include a report to compare the available sites on Lots 2 and 3; thenĀ  present back to council for a final decision.

We will also be working on creating our community stakeholder advisory committee (hopefully with a better name or acronym!)

Stayed tuned!